10″ Inline Filter Set


 A One Pro RO Inline Filter (2) Carbon, (1) Sediment, (1) Spun, (6) Elbow Connector  for all type of RO Water Purifier.

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 Protect water purifier from dirt/ silt and any other visible impurities which may further move inside the water purifier. – change of spun filter every three month can save bigger expenses. – regular change of spun filter protects RO membrane and choking of other filters – dirt and sediment removal water filters. These filters are commonly used to remove dirt, sediment, slime, rust, sand, grit and grass.

About this item

  • Package container: RO (2) Carbon, (1) Sediment, (1) Spun, (6) Elbow Connector and (1) Teflon tape for all type of RO Water Purifier.
  • Carbon Filter Removes Odour and Chemicals From water it is a highly adsorbent material and a natural way of obtaining filtered water
  • Sediment Filter remove chemicals from water. Others remove metallic contaminants or “dissolved solids” or charged particles. This article is about filters that remove suspended solids, variously referred to as turbidity, sediment or particulate
  • The Pre Carbon filter made buy high purity activated with superior porous removes organic substance water taste buy renoving gas content


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