20″ PP Spun Filter-5 pcs.


A One Pro RO Kemflow 20inch PP Water Spun Filter Sediment Solid Cartridge 5 Micron Candle for All RO Water Purifier 5 Pcs

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These PP Filter Cartridges are made of Spun Polypropylene and prefect for use of filtering Heavy Sediment , Rust, Dirt , Particles and impurities from the water. Using non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene particles, through heating melting, spinning, traction, acceptance made of tubular filter if raw material polypropylene-based. Spray solution can be called PP filter not only purify large quantities of water use also has excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for acids, alkalis and organic solvents filtering. Dirt holding capacity, long life, and low cost. CAN BE INSERTED INSIDE ANY STANDARD 20″ HOUSING AND USED AS A SEDIMENT PARTICLE PROTECTION FILTER (we also have the housings if required , simply send us a message) Description: Inserted inside a standard universal 20″ housing pod. (housings also available) Used for all types of sediment filtration , very popularly used as stage 1 filtration (or 2 if using a 5micron prior to it) Used to filter hard well water (on many occasions before a water softener or water treatment System) , or filtration protection prior to an Aquarium or water feature were sediment filtration is required. (Also used on some reverse osmosis systems) Specification: Material: Spun Polypropylene Core: Polypropylene Micron Rating:5micron Dimensions Approx.: 20″ x 2″ sediment cartridge 5 micron fits most industry standard 20-Inch filter housings, manufactured from pure polypropylene microfiber for reduction of sediment.

About this item

  • Replace your Pre Filter Spun Cartridge every month. Reduces sand, silt, scale and rust particles in water and industrial fluid applications.
  • Heavy Duty Depth Filtration, Weight: 200 Grams/Pc. 2.5″ inches diameters, 20″ inches (50 cm) lengths.
  • Suitable for Pre filtering in RO Water Purifier Systems.
  • Sediment Filter, Rust Filter. 5 Micron Filtration.


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