Nexus Diamond RO Water Purifier


A One Aqua RO Nexus Diamond White RO+ UV+ UF+ TDS Controller+ Alkaline Filter with 12 liter Storage Tank use for Home/ Flats.

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A One Aqua RO Nexus Diamond White RO Water Purifier. RO+ UV+ UF+ TDS Controller+ Alkaline Filter with 13 liter Storage Tank.

RO+ UV+ UF+ TDS Adjuster+ Alkaline Filter with 13 liters Storage Tank.
1. Enhances taste of Drinking water.
2. UV kills the bacteria present in the water and UF separates the killed bacteria and clean water.
3. Minerals adds clean taste to the water. B12/ Alkaline helps to maintain ph level.
4. Sparkling crystal clear ice-cubes.
5. Cooking for delicacy.
6. Hygienic water for baby milk & food.
7. No need to purchase expensive mineral water.
8. Easy to maintain.
9. 12L water capacity tanks sufficient for whole family.

Nexus Diamond purifies 120 liters of water in one day and also has a storage tank of 12 liters. So if you live in a big family or want an RO for your office, then Nexus Diamond is the best for you. It is completely automatic and has ten stage purifying technique, which makes the water absolutely safe for consumption by children and the elderly.

It is very easy to operate and can be placed anywhere, on a wall or shelf. With its automatic functions and indicators, you get the assurance of drinking healthy water, and its antibacterial doser enhances the taste of the water.


  1. Wall mount cum Counter top Nexus Diamond RO water purifier.
  2. It contains RO + UV technology with TDS minimizer method.
  3. Antibacterial 3-in-1 Silver Dozer, Taste Conditioner as well as Activated Carbon to increase the shelf life and taste of water.
  4. Digitally Controlled fully Automatic working.
  5. UV Failure Indicator that shows the probability of impure water from the RO machine.
  6. Built-in storage tank with a capacity of 12 liters along with purified water level indicator.
  7. Flushing system to eliminate impurities and increase membrane life.
  8. In-built Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) for erratic voltage supply.
  9. Completely automatic water level cut-off with Auto start/off.
  10. Filter all sources of water e.g. under groundwater, bore-well, overhead storage tank, and municipal tap water, etc.
  11. Push-fit Connectors for leakproof performance and long-lasting life.


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