RO 10inch Pre Filter Housing


A One Aqua 10″ Pre Filter housing 1 pcs. for Dolphin/ Aquagrand/ Reviva/ Aquafresh Water Purifiers.

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A One Aqua RO Prefilters housing, food grade PVC Material compatible with 10″ PP Spun filter cartridge/candle includes one Lex pure 10″ pp spun filter and two branded 1/4 inches elbows. Maximum Pressure 150 PSI, pipe size 1/4 bsp internal, fit the 10 inches pp spun filter cartridge before use. Pore size of PP Spun filter is 5 micron use to captures silt, mud, clay, sand and other particles having size 5 micron or more floating in raw water. The prefilters passes the transparent and clean water to sediment filter and therefore inline cartridge / candles/ filter works smoothly on long run else the inline cartridges or candles or filters and membrane would get clogged early. Please note as per WHO and medical expert guidelines the drinking water minerals between 100 ppm to 300 ppm remain in excellent condition and the best range is 150 ppm to 270 ppm.

About this item

  • Food grand Material
  • Color: White
  • Housing for 10 inch spun filter
  • Package Content: 1 Unit
  • 1/4 connectors
  • Package container:- 1 pcs. 10″ pre filter housing, 1 pcs. Teflon tape with 2 pcs. elbow connector.
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