RO Adapter/ SMPS-12 set


A One RO Motor SMPS Adaptor 24 V, 12 piece set Waterproof Technology, Compatible with All RO Water Purifier

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Built in Overload Protection, which cuts off when the voltage is above 290V hence protecting the whole unit from Damage. Power adaptor for all RO Water Purifiers, Quality Product from Nexus. Usage – RO Appliances Voltage – 230V, 50Hz Input Power Source – 180V to 250V Color – Black.

  • SMPS power supply 24v 2.5 amp Adapter Works Fine For All Kinds Of RO Water Purifiers including Kent, Eureka, Livpure etc
  • Output Power : 24V DC, 2.5Amp, Overload Protection : (+/-)0.5%
  • Special Features are Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short-Circuit Protection
  • Easy to Place, Plug and Start
  • Best Quality Adaptor for RO, automatic restart after overheat.
Model NameRO Adapter, SMPS, Motor
Weight300 g
Dimensions6 × 4 × 2 cm


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